We believe anyone can have a clear and pure skin if try.

We developed a very soft and effective perfect clear peeling gel you can use at home conveniently, which has been regarded as some big cosmetic procedureuntil now. The first small step has grown now much larger to be shared by many woman around the world who continue to believe a healthy skin can be attained by efforts. Inspired by natural and good ingredients for skin, the company has not ceased research activities and technological advancement for a better product customized to women’s lifestyle and skin types.

Our simple but strong offering will be used in your days in a very easy way. LADY&SKIN’s inspiration and knowhow will be a great help to improve your quality of life from the start to end of your day, your unforgettable moments and special experiences.

We make products to resolve your concerns and stresses over skin and for a better lifestyle. We generate best value based on trust and promise and realize a best choice for women’s life and skin. We take it a top priority to strictly control hazardous ingredients, manufacturing method and distribution process under the corporate culture that values social and environmental contribution most to share with you our belief.

What we do


We successfully launched a new type of Natural Derma skin care brand Olivarrier.
We are currently selling in more than 15 countries and will expand to include baby products and household goods.


We have developed over 200 kinds of products for 10 years. We can make your own special brand by controlling the excellent manufacturing facilities and beautiful sub materials in Korea.
Natural, Organic Skin Care, Sun Stick, Mask Sheet, Base Make-up etc. You can start lightly. 

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